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My name is Allan Juul Jakobsen and I am an examined funeral director based in Kolding. During the last 20 years I’ve supported bereaved families in finding peace and tranquility for a beautiful and personal farewell to dear family members or friends.

Whether death is sudden or expected, whether it is a close family member or a good friend that we loose, a decease is always followed by insecurity and unanswered questions. Time is short – and that’s where you can reach out for the experience and help that can be provided by a professional undertaker.

My focus is to give you a personal service – in respect for you as well as the person you lost. When you contact me you will feel confident and be guided through the practicalities in connection with the funeral arrangement  - leaving nothing to chance neither before nor after the ceremony.

I can visit you in your home, in hospital or at hospice – and you’re also welcome in my office at the address Munkensdam 3, Kolding. What is important is that we can find the privacy to talk together - and share the details which are important to share to arrange the perfect ceremony - personal and warm.

Please do not hesitate to contact me whenever needed. You can call me at all hours of the day and night, all year round regardless of holidays - and your call will NEVER be inconvenient ...

On this website you can anonymously and with no obligations prepare yourself for the questions you will be asked and come to terms with your personal wishes – to find the inner calm to concentrate on the very important, last and beautiful farewell.


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