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"My Last Will"

Min sidste vilje

Over the years we experience deaths, funerals and ceremonies, meet mourning families and take part in social mourning get-togethers – and in between we probably think about our personal wishes for our goodbye to life … but do we share our thoughts with our nearest and dearest?

Unfortunately not always … eventhough,it is wise to consider alternatives it can be difficult to think and talk about death.Therefore, my warmest recommendation to consider "My last Will": A beautiful gesture that helps your loved ones to say farewell with dignity and love and also a beautiful chance to share your last thoughts and say goodbye to life.

“My last will” is a small booklet available in a printed as well as a digital version for free download.When you will in the booklet you will be asked to consider all practical and personal questions in connection with your death - and you will be given tools to help your relatives to  arrange a last farewell all in your spirit. Without confusion and without jumping to conclusions when grief takes over.

“My last will”  can be filled in and signed at home - alone or together with relatives - but if you find it difficult you are always welcome to visit my office where you can get a copy, a little guidance – and fill in the booklet with or without my assistance. Free and without obligations. Please call me at +45 75 56 57 00 to arrange a personal meeting.

You can choose to fill in “My last Will” 100% anonymously or you can chare it with your close ones. You can keep it at home or at my office – just remember to mention it to your relatives.

"My last Will" is in Danish only. Please do not hesitate to contact me for personal assistance if needed.

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