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Practical doings can be difficult to manage right after a loss of a loved one. Below you will find a short checklist which you can use when you are ready after the first and very difficult days. Not all items are relevant to all families – focus only on those relevant to you:

-       Subscriptions which are to be changed or discontinued (newspapers, magazines, mobile phone, cable television, license fee)
-       Rent and hire purchase agreements which are to be changed or discontinued (computer, television, etc
-       Bank accounts (All the accounts of the deceased will be closed immediately after the death.
-       Pay attention to automatic payment systems and talk to your bank about what to change and what to discontinue)
-       House/flat (Change or discontinue the lease, transfer of mortgage loans)
-       Insurance (Car, house, personal insurance to be changed or discontinued)
-       Contingents and membership fees (Trade or labor union, pension fund, clubs, etc.)
-        Public authorities (Review of subsidies, benefits, public and private pension)
-       Tax and advance tax assessment
-       Contact to public administration of facilities and home care/home service
-       Return surplus medicine to the pharmacy
-       Return books, films or CDs to the library
-       Forwarding of mail (Documents can be picked up at the probate court)
-       Close down or change of internet services (Facebook, LinkedIn, any personal websites)
-       Cancellation of internet services

If the deceased lived alone it is important to keep an eye on the empty house or flat, to handle practical things as emptying the fridge/freezer, make sure that any pets are taken care of. Do not hesitate to ask for help from neighbour who will often be pleased to help if asked.

Should you have any questions in connection with the above, you are welcome to contact me for a piece of good advice.



Min sidste vilje

At tale om døden kan være svært, også når døden er ventet – eller måske ventet på. “Min sidste vilje” er en hjælp til dem, der står tilbage:

"Min sidste vilje" er et lille hæfte som findes både trykt og digitalt, hvor du kan samle de personlige ønsker, der hjælper de efterladte - dine nærmeste og kære - med at tage en smuk og nærværende afsked helt i din ånd.

Læs mere  og hent "Min sidste vilje"