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It makes a difference to me in my life as an undertaker to hear a few words from the bereaved after the turbulent days around a decease and the funeral services. Between practical questions, we share moments of grief and sorrow - and personal relations are built.

Below I'll share a few of these greetings - together with a few personal stories from my working life as a funeral director. Maybe one of these will help you find peace and comfort in the emotional limbo connected to death, funeral and all the practical details connected to this.


Inga Hansen, Kolding

Thank you very much for your help at my husband, Polle's, death and funeral. Thank you for meeting us at such a short notice. It felt so good to start talking about all the difficult things that had happend and were to happen. 

It was very comforting that we said the Lord's Prayer, when we had laid Polle to rest in the coffin, as my sons do not like to sing. I like to sing but do not like the tradition of singing when the deceased is carried out - and I experienced that you have a good feel for the family that you attend to. On that day it was our faily - and I'm grateful for the way that everything was taken care of. 

Thank you also for contacting the journlist at our local newspaper. He wrote a very comforting obituary. It has been read and commented positively by a lot of people - about which we are also very pleased. Thank you!


Kjeld Schaleck Mikkelsen

We can warmly recommend Allan Juul Jakobsen. In our hardest moments around the death of our son, Allan assisted and supported us and did everything he could to help us. He took care of practical questions and comforted all of us no matter where and when we needed it. So for that ... thank you! 


The Weltz family

Hereby our warmest recommendations of Allan Juul Jakobsen. Comforting to be in good hands - it made us feel confident. Thank you so much, Allan!


Nikka K. Krog, Esbjerg

I warmly recommend Allan Juul Jakobsen. He was very warm and listened accommondatingly when I called him in grief. He met us late night on December, 23 - because that was exactly what we needed. Allan is a very warm, open and honest person and we could rely on him in this difficult situation ... no surprises. Thank you!  


Nadja Engsig, Kolding

Dear Allan,
small praise for you ...

I cannot express the gratefulness, I feel, about all the help, care and support I received from Allan when my Father suddenly passed away. Allan was professional and did his job properly through the whole course and made it easier for me to find peace of mind in my mourning and not spend my resources thinking about practicalities. He took control of the situation and it meant everything.  

At no point, I had any regrets about choosing to call Allan.


Mariane Boelt Barslund & family, Kolding

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help when my husband and our 3 girls' Father passed away.

In all ways, your guidance, empathy and support go beyond what can be professionally expected. Your help was invaluable. You were in control of even the smallest detail. You followed up on our situation and I knew, that I could be sure that nothing had been missed. I highly appreciated our conversations.

You made sure that the ceremony was exactly as we wished it to be. That made an extremely hard day and time fine and memorable.


Birthe Nielsen, Kolding

I can only thank you for your way of handling our situation and for being effective. Thank you for your empathy. 


Ulla, Kolding

Everything was so fine. From the time we spent at the nursing home, till you drove away with my mother. You guided us through everything and made us feel comfortable. 


Lise, Kolding

Thank you. Large gratitude for your intelligent, comforting behaviour and your wise care and advice about my Mother. You helped me a lot after our meeting and I'm deeply grateful. 


Birgitte Thomsen, Kolding

We should all like to thank you, Allan, for your very professional assistance. Whenever in doubt, we just called you. Thank you for sharing your honest opinon in connection with all the things that need to be settled when loosing a close and dear person. We can give you our best recommandations. 


Helle Stihaven, Kolding

On behalf of all family members, I should like to thank you for the way you met us when we lost our Father. You are a very competent and pleasant person who embraced all of us. You have the ability to empathise and do everything in a very nice way. The funeral service was BEAUTIFUL and we said farewell to our Father in the best possible way. Everything worked out from the first meeting and we felt secure with you. The flower arrangement was very nice. I - and my family - can only give you the WARMEST recommandations.


Jette Overgaard, Kolding

For a long time, it has been on my mind to write a note for your website without getting it done. But now the 3 years' anniversary of the death of my mild, sweet, embracing, tolerant and cheerful Mother is coming up - which is a fine occasion.

I highly appreciate qualities as the sense of situation and intuition beyond normal etiquette - and you possess these plentifully.

When experiencing death in the closest family, everything is put into perspective and proportions change. The serenity, knowledge and security you showed in your own unobtrusive way when we met meant a lot. Not only to me but to all of our 3 generations. Without dominating you helped and guided us through procedures and practical matters. You contacted my favourite pastor - and she did the funeral. It felt good to all of us.

Knowing what to do, how and when gives us all comfort. You gave us this comfort - and the feeling of arranging the funeral to match the personality of our Mother. Your help was invaluable.

Thank you.


 Irene & John Nielsen, Kolding

We should like to recommend you as an undertaker to everyone we know. You are a pleasant and sympathetic man who hold your professional office in the best possible way. It was pleasant to have your support on various questions - and that you handled all practical matters. You acquaint yourself with the situation of us relatives and give highly satisfactory advice. 

You have plenty of time for all relatives. 

Meetings and telephone conversations have made us feel very comfortable - and we never felt that you very busy and on the way to other tasks. Also, it was nice that we could talk about other matters than the upcoming funeral service.
Thank you once again for a fantastic and pleasant cooperation.


Grete Jensen, Kolding

Thank you very much for your great help in connection with Birger's funeral The coffin was so beautifully decorated. And all the help and support you give us make everything a bit easier ... that was also the case at Lars' funeral. I can only recommend you to everyone.

Thank you very much.


Anette Oggesen, Kolding

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you so much for your solicitude and your structured approach when the occasion demands. When upset and in grief, I felt taken care of in the best way - which is something that I highly appreciate. I can warmly recommend your flair and competence of supporting families when death makes it's entry and everything gets complicated and sad for a while.


Christel Sonne Rasmussen, NLP & therapist,, Kolding

During the night between May, 31, and June, 1, 2016, the doorbell rang - and we were met by the police who told us, that my children's Father had been involved in an accident and had passed away a few hours earlier. That night our family was taken by grief and hopelessness. The feeling of chaos and emptiness filled our minds during the first hours - but soon we sorted out our thoughts and contacted a funeral director.  

Already on Wednesday - a few hours later - Allan visited our home. He calmly and empatheticly explained procedures and rules, presented price proposals for the funeral and told us everything worth knowning. It was absolutely priceless ... 

Allan was extremely helpful. Especially seen in the light of my 20-year old son being the closest relative - and, therefore, the one that all authorities needed to be in dialogue with. We simply do not know how the first week would have been without Allan's valuable help. 

Not only did he handle all the practical tasks in connection with the ceremony a week later - he also helped us pick up clothes and dress the children's Father for his last journey. 

We have the warmest and most thankful thoughts about the handling and support during one of the most difficult times of our lives. The peacefullness, professional knowledge and kindness that Allan showed us made everything easier to handle.

Thank you by heart.


Leif Hansen, Kolding:

To us, the most important role of the funeral director is to be listening, to keep the sense of perspective and to guide in the direction of good decisioins.

Being in a precarious situation and oppressed with grief it was difficult for us to see the bright sides of life - but Allan fully handled his job. In his professional way, he read our individual signals and showed all of us consideration and care. We had a funeral which was just as our deceased parents and we wished it to be. Thank you! 


Preben Jensen, Kolding:

It was a coincidence that we chose to call Allan Juul Jakobsen when our 93-year old father passed away early Palm Sunday morning - but today we are thankful that Allan answered the phone and that we now look back on a positive experience in the midst of our greif

Even though, his decease was not unexpected we had the feeling of "What to do now?". Allan gathered us as a family, gave us time to regain our calm - and took over in a comfortable and confident way.

We experienced a good and honest guidance in connection with the funeral, financial questions and not least in connection with practical questions about emptying his house and payment of rent that suddenly arose. At the same time, Allan quickly established a mutual understanding of the financial framework that also gave us a piece of mind. He engaged in our concern about our family's cemetary plot, arranged a meeting with the landscape gardeners - and on Allan's recommendation we got in contact with a great pastor who took away the last insecurity and made the most beautiful speech which we also got in writing.

Allan has a natural ability of expressing himself and he supported us by being present, observant and attentive - also during the funeral service. Together with our grief, we had the feeling of uncertainty but Allan lifted the loads, was on top of the situation and helped us plan a funeral completely in our father's spirit.

Thank you so much, Allan ...


Anette og Nils Bonde:

Now 5 weeks have passed since we lost our beloved one. Right from the start, you were ready for a quick callout which we highly appreciated - considering the distance between Kolding and Hillerød where we live. And the further course - surpassed our expectations. We played our cards face up - and experienced a serious and very competent handling from your side. You took your starting point in the situation of the deceased and us - and it was not a question of upselling or additional services from your side. You handled all the trouble, arranged everything - and we were able to finish this chapter in the best way. 
Thank you very much for your professional help. 


Eskil Holten Haargaard:

Professional and extremely thoughtful. I should very much like to recommend Allan Jakobsen. Very professional and empathic - and paying attention to detail. Our warmest recommandations.


Joergen Frederiksen, Middelfart:

Right from the beginning of the process, we have to praise Allan. He made a very positive impression and followed us all the way - in a very difficult time. He is very sympathetic - and nothing went wrong at all, high praise for his engagement. We never doubted whether anything was missing. Allan thought of everything. Once again we should like to thank Allan. 
Best regards from 
Family Frederiksen Middelfart




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